Barrel Valley Photos
The Way It Was
I have mislabled the photo below, Aunt Emma King says that this is Uncle Har, and maybe Uncle Elmer Rearick.
Above: The children's table, with the old log house, known as the "shop" in the background. The remains of the shop are still here, though the roof caved in years ago.
In 2009 Aunt Emma told me that the puppy she was holding was her puppy, and she still remembered its name, though I have forgotten what that was.
Below are photos of the cider press on the farm where neighbors would have their apples squeezed into cider. Aunt Emma King said that it had a long wooden pole attached to a screw that they hitched the horse to that turned the screw. These photos were taken sometime in the early 1920's, during Prohibition. She tells the story that the "Revenue Men" came and asked if there was any hard cider being made, and though Granny knew that there were jars of hard cider in her cellar, she told one of her few white lies and said it was for vinegar. The Revenuer made them dump it out and they dismantled the cider press.