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Kenneth Colt Kunkle was born to Brian and Veda Kunkle on August 18, 1996, and Austin Dakota Kunkle was born on August 12, 1999.  This page is just for photos of them.
Fort Ligonier 2002
Kenny & Brian
Austin at the Beach
Kenny at the Beach
Kenny's first day of school - August 28, 2002
Austin's Haircut!  Who Dunnit?
Idlewild Park, June 26, 2003
Pappy and Granny, and Mummy and Daddy took us to Idlewild.  We had a great time.
Don't we look happy?
We Played!  And rode rides.
Even the big rides!
We liked them, and
that surprised
Dad and Mum.
We rode the little kids rides too, and we liked them too.
Storybook Forest was nice, but..........
Granny kept making us stick our heads through holes so she could take our picture.
Is that child abuse?
There oughta be a law.
We wanted to ride the big people's bumper cars, and they wouldn't let us, but guess what?  We found bumper cars in the kids place, and we had fun anyway. 
We played games too.  We won snakes.  But guess who won the big purple dragon?
We had a good, good time at Idlewild Park.  We rode rides and had fun all day long, and we still didn't do it all.  We want to go back again real soon.