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Olive Tree

The "Us" that you have just clicked on is Larry and Joan Kunkle.  We live in Barrel Valley, Pennsylvania, which is between Apollo and Indiana, PA.  We've been married since 1968 and have a son, Brian, born in 1970, and daughter, Shannon, born 1975.

Larry is a Viet Nam veteran, though most of his military service was spent working at the Army Securty Agency at Fort Meade, Maryland.  Since his Army discharge, he has worked as a VolksWagen technician.  I depend on Larry to fix everything since my talent extends only to Super Glue and duct tape.  Larry's hobbies are bowling and golf, and just generally being an all around good guy. 

Joan (that's me) was in my third year in nursing school when I met a drunk driver (head-on, that is) which cut short my nursing career due to all the injuries I received.  It changed my life, however I've had a great life anyway, and am just happy to be alive.  I am a stay-at-home wife and mother (and don't forget Granny) and have lots of hobbies but my main one is breeding and showing Cocker Spaniels.  I am also the secretary of the Cocker Spaniel Club of Western Pennsylvania, which takes a considerable amount of my time.  I love researching our family tree and finding the ingredients that have come together to make us who we are.

Brian, our son, lives next door with his two little boys, Kenny and Austin.  Brian's main hobbies are hunting and riding his Harley Sportster.  Brian hunts with a rifle and has shot several deer since he began hunting at age twelve. 

Brian's two boys, Kenny and Austin, are Pappy and Granny's pride and joy.  They are growing into fine young people and we look forward to every moment we can share with them.

Shannon is married to Cole McCracken and lives in my grandfather's cottage on the old family farm, which adjoins our property.  Cole has just earned his Doctorate degree in Psychology.  Shannon has her Bachelor's degree in teaching special education though she is currently pursuing her dream of being a writer.  She is the other half of Barrel Valley Cocker Spaniels, training and showing both her dogs and mine.  She was the breeder of a Westminster Kennel Club Best of Opposite Sex winner, our most prestigious win so far. 

Larry is one of six children of Kenneth and Ruth (Turner) Kunkle, of Orchard Hills, near Apollo, PA, and Joan is one of four children of Stanley and Edith (Partridge) Matson, of Barrel Valley, South Bend Township, PA. 

We were both born in 1947, and as of 2009, Larry is 62 years old, and I have just turned 39, again.  Brian was born in 1970 and Shannon in 1975.  We hope we have been good parents, or at least not traumatised our little darlings too much.  They have both been good kids and we are proud of them.  I have to say that, as they have told me that they get to pick my nursing home.